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Mellen Money Management is an independent fee-only financial advisory firm local to Nocatee, Florida. In a nutshell, we help our clients plan for the financial impact of major life events so that they are prepared for life's biggest moments — when the most amount of money is at stake.

Our primary services are investment management and comprehensive financial planning. While our specialty is all things college. That is we help families understand how to not only save for their child’s college, but how to maximize their financial aid packages. On the other end of the college spectrum, we provide young (and old) professionals a plan to rescue them from their student loans. 

It is our mission to make a dent on the student debt crisis one client at a time. To do so we believe the cost of college cannot be solved in a vacuum and that financial trade-offs, like saving for retirement, must be prioritized in a way that one goal doesn't come at the expense of the other.

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