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After spending much of his 11-year career advising $44-million in client assets for a large regional bank, Scott Snider decided it was time to break away from corporate America and start a fee-only financial planning firm named in memory of his Grandparents. Mellen Money Management embodies their generosity and serve-first values. Today Scott's firm works with clients in the Jacksonville, FL and Columbus, OH markets and offers virtual meetings for those that live on the other side of the country. In fact, many of Scott's clients live around the globe.

Mellen Money Management provides investment management and comprehensive financial planning, with an emphasis on understanding the impact of key life transitions on your money. In addition, Scott specializes in helping young professionals and families navigate the confusing maze of college tuition, financial aid, and student loans. It is his mission to ensure that the stress of paying for college is managed with a proactive plan. More importantly, Scott believes this problem can't be solved in a vacuum and any tradeoffs should be evaluated with the other financial goals that compete for your money. Please explore the site, check out The Money Blog, or contact Scott to learn more.


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