3 key goals in our approach to College Planning

HELP PUT AN End TO the student
loan crisis 

Raise the STANDARD FOR college
funding advice

UTILIZE College Pre-Approval (TM)


Getting out in front of the issue is our main objective when it comes to planning for college. Our philosophy is rooted in preparation and educating our clients so the only thing that will surprise you is how smoothly the process can go. The benchmarks of our system include:

  • Empowering families to make informed choices
  • Determine which schools are affordable before it's too late
  • Saving ON the cost of college, not just FOR college
  • Graduating with manageable student loan debt
  • Paying for college without taking away from retirement

All hypothetical projections assume a 6% return and monthly compounding interest. 
Taxable projections assume a 15% tax rate applies every year, which reduces the average annual return to 5.10%.

While your child prepares for their first day of high school, graduation may seem like a long way away. But take the opportunity to get a head start by preparing for the cost of a college or University while they are still underclassmen. Once Senior year rolls around there will be a tight schedule of applications, financial aid, and scholarship processes to help guide them through, so plan ahead with our 6 Steps.