Taking it a step beyond comprehensive financial planning services, our mission is to help professionals and families avoid getting whacked by the buzzsaw we call the Game of Loans—student loans and the rising cost of college tuition. Once the root of the problem is solved, goals like buying a house or saving for retirement can be met with a greater sense of confidence, allowing our clients to take control and live a more financially independent life. 

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Mellen Money Management is an independent fee-only financial planning firm specializing in college-specific consulting and student loan repayment advice. We have spent our careers learning the world of personal finance inside and out and are here to help a new generation plan for their future and the future of their growing families. Our focus is on helping clients manage and optimize key milestone events to enhance their overall financial health. More specifically we help families and young professionals balance the burden of paying for college while accomplishing other financial goals, thereby allowing our clients to live a better life. We emphasize college planning because today's tuition rates make the cost equally as important to plan for as retirement.

The firm was named after founding partner Scott's grandparents, who helped pave his way to an affordable college education. Without their generosity, Scott would have been stuck climbing out of student debt like many young professionals are today. Scott's grandparents' lifetime of generosity has inspired and shaped this organization, and, hoping to follow in their footsteps, Scott is working to make the cost of higher learning easier to manage. So that their legacy is always remembered, Mellen Money Management pledges to donate a percentage of company profits to organizations that share our mission of making higher learning more affordable for future generations.


What Differentiates Us?

FOR PARENTS THAT ARE PAYING FOR THEIR CHILD'S EDUCATION:  We empower families to shop for college by showing them not just how much to save, but how they will pay for college down to the last dollar. Helping our clients save on the cost of college tuition is what makes our process different than most advisory firms. This means we help parents leverage the right financial aid package(s) available to their student, as well as review asset shifting and tax planning strategies to minimize other costs. Our job is to ensure a parent's desire to help their kid get the best education possible is managed in a proactive manner, which means this planning process should get started no later than your child's freshman year. Procrasting and figuring it out as you go is when a college education becomes an expensive lesson for the parent and the child. 

FOR YOUNG PROFESSIONALS WITH STUDENT DEBT: We call this the "rescue me stage." We compare a borrower's current loans to every potential alternative to see if we can save them money. Those alternatives include: refinancing, private sector debt forgiveness, public sector loan forgiveness (PSLF), consolidation, or a better repayment plan. We also evaluate the cost-benefit tax impact of married filing separately versus married filing jointly - a sticky issue for those who want to minimize their student debt payments. Furthermore, we help borrowers balance paying down their student debt with the many other competing financial goals that get in the way. Everyday problems like having enough money for a rainy day, minimizing credit card debt, savings for retirement, or being able to buy a house.

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