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Having spent much of his 10-year career advising $44-million in client assets for a large regional bank, Scott Snider broke away from corporate America in 2016 to start Mellen Money Management -- a fee-only financial planning firm that services the Jacksonville, FL and Columbus, OH markets and works with clients across the country regardless of location. Scott began with a goal of offering clients comprehensive financial planning and an emphasis on life transitions and how those key moments impact household finances.  

However, after gaining a better understanding of how to fight back against the astronomical cost of college, Scott saw an opportunity to provide a more specialized service that helps individuals and families solve that very issue. Mellen Money Management can work with you to manage the cost of a higher education, both pre and post college, while helping you balance the many other financial goals that compete for your money. Please explore our site and contact Scott if you would like to learn more.


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