Many times, it can be difficult to see past the wedding in terms of financial planning for your marriage.
But your future depends on more than a color scheme and a seating chart so it's time to take a closer look. 



Call us pragmatic (that wouldn't be so bad, would it?) but smart financial planning can be a major contributor to a successful relationship. Love will get you pretty far, but rock-solid framework and a long-term goal with your partner will help you grow together and keep the peace when it comes to money matters. Put the work in today so that you can enjoy all those new tomorrows.



Marriage is a legally binding assembly of assets. Sounds so romantic when we put it that way, right? But making sure your estate is in order can help guarantee the wedded a little more bliss. 

  • Update Beneficiaries
  • Create and/ or Update Any Wills or Trusts
  • Power of Attorney (POA) 
  • Retitle Accounts and Property Deed(s) 
  • Fire Safe or Deposit Box for Important Documents
  • Master-list of Accounts and Passwords

establish or revise
financial plan

'Spontaneous' may be a quality you look for in a partner, but it shouldn't be an element of your financial plan. Get on course now so you can veer off a little here and there, later. 

  • Re-evaluate Needs and Objectives
  • Changes to Household Budget
  • Life Insurance Coverage
  • Disability Insurance Coverage
  • Buying a Home Together