Overview of Services

At Mellen Money Management we provide a variety of services and structure our offerings in a way that emphasizes ensuring your best interests stay top of mind. Pick 1 of the 4 services listed below. If you are a comprehensive financial planning client, the investment management fee of 1% is completely waived. Our ideal client is someone who values our collaborative process and understands the benefits of working with an independent fee-only Certified FInancial Planner®.

Check our FAQ section to get answers to some of the most common questions prospective clients ask us.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning


  • On-demand financial advice

  • Investment management

  • Retirement planning

  • Student loans

  • College planning

  • Budgeting and debt management

  • Optimize company benefits

  • 401(k)s, IRAs. Roth IRAs

  • Stock options

  • Business planning

  • Tax planning

  • Life and disability insurance

  • Long-term care

  • Risk management

  • Real estate and 1031 exchanges

  • Estate plan overview

  • Referrals to CPAs, attorneys, realtors, etc.

3 Meetings to get started

  1. Gather data, get organized, and set goals

  2. Review analysis and recommendations

  3. Onboard, servicing, and implement plan

* Meet 1-4 times per year for ongoing services

Value of Advice

Cost of Comprehensive Service

  • Initial setup fee = $500 - $1,500

  • Ongoing services start at $175/month and increases based on net worth at the following rates:

    • 0.75% on the first $1,000,000

    • 0.50% anything above $1,000,000

  • Ongoing fees may be deducted from investment accounts starting at $150,000

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Investment management


  • Portfolio construction, allocation, rebalancing, and oversight

  • Review basic goals risk tolerance, and investment objectives

  • Quarterly performance reports and individual securities analysis

  • 1-2 meetings per year

Cost of INvestment Only Service

  • 1% of assets under management

    • 0.25% deducted quarterly from TD Ameritrade account(s)

  • This fee gets waived if you are a comprehensive planning client and the net worth based fee outlined above applies instead


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Hourly Consultations


  • Short-term engagements and one-time financial plans

  • Services include, but are not limited to the following: investments, retirement, budgeting, debt, college, and employee benefits.

Cost for Hourly Consulting

  • $250/hour

  • Hourly work can be applied towards the initial setup fee if a client decides to commit to our comprehensive financial planning services

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Student loan Planning


  • Help determine most effective way to pay down student debt

  • Goal is to minimize interest costs and/or monthly payments

  • Evaluate debt forgiveness options versus refinancing

  • Incorporate payment plan with other cash flow needs

cost of Implementing Plan

  • Single borrower — $495 one-time fee, or $50/month for 12 months

  • Two borrowers — $695 one-time fee, or $70/month for 12 months