Ranked right after my wife, daughter, family, and friends....  Making meaningful connections with clients and solving financial problems are two of my passions in life.  Ever since I witnessed the stressful impact the dot-com market crash had on home life as a kid, I had a dream of breaking into the financial services industry.  I was confident in my ability to help other families not suffer the same kind of financial regrets.  I am proud to say I have worked in the financial services industry for more than 10 years, and don't know how I could be doing anything else.


I originally began my company with the idea of providing clients conflict-free advice, with an emphasis on life transitions and how those key moments impact household finances.  However, my passion for planning has recently steered me into area desperate for good advice.  At the moment our country is saddled with $1.4-trillion in student loan debt. Unfortunately, it's an elephant in the room most of us have ignored for way too long. Rather than bury my head in the sand, I made a conscious decision to start a financial practice that helps young professionals and families improve how they manage the cost of college. Too often the cost of a higher education is competing with other financial priorities, and juggling all those pieces can be a daunting task.  Everyday problems like saving enough for retirement, having money saved for a rainy day, minimizing debt, buying a house, or selecting the best healthcare plan for your family.

To put the issue into perspective, the amount of money required to eventually pay off student loans, especially for professional degrees in the area of Medicine and Law, is often more of a budget crunch than most people’s mortgage. When I thought about it this way, it dawned on me, why aren't more advisors offering a comprehensive service that is the root many financial problems?  Shouldn’t families and young professionals be trying to get ahead of this issue by planning smarter?  This is how Mellen Money Management got started.  With proper guidance, student loan borrowers and parents with college-bound kids gain the assurance necessary in order to maximize their financial resources across the board.

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