The balancing act of student loans

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of how to balance your other financial goals while you pay down your student debt? You are not alone. Buried by their debt, 70% of graduates are forced to play catch-up with their finances several years after college. This is where Mellen Money Management can help. We offer our clients a comprehensive game plan on how to pay off their student debt and help them implement a customized strategy suited to meet their unique needs. 

Evaluation process

Our main objective is helping young professionals that are struggling to solve the Game of LoansWe do this by working with borrowers to help them understand how much they are truly paying and then compare their current situation to other alternatives. The endgame is to see if we can save borrowers a significant amount of money through refinancing, debt forgiveness, or finding a better payment plan.

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cost of service

Our initial consultation is complimentary. However, if we proceed to the analysis stage, then we charge a one-time planning fee of $495 to individuals or $695 to two borrowers. For those on a tighter budget, we offer a 12-month payment plan and charge $50/month to individuals and $70/month to couples. Assuming we help you save enough money, the cost of this service is worth every penny and is certainly more affordable than your student debt. Get started by clicking below and find out how much you can save.