The balancing act of student loans

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of how to balance your other financial goals while you pay down your student debt? You are not alone. Much of Gen-X and Gen-Y have been forced to play catch-up with their finances several years after college, especially compared to the generations before them.

It's frustrating to have worked so hard to earn your degree, only to find student debt is preventing you from living the life you always wanted.  This is where Mellen Money Management LLC can help.  We offer our clients comprehensive financial planning, as well as, a specialization with how to most efficiently pay down your student loans. 

Our mission is to help professionals that are struggling to solve the problem we call the Game of Loans.  Student loans of course.  Knowing which payment plan will save you the most, or when to refinance can be a costly decision if you don't know how to navigate the minefield of options.  Once the root of your financial problems is solved, your other financial priorities, like buying a house or saving for retirement, start to become a reality.  Thereby allowing you to take control and start living a more financially independent life.