Our story

Mellen Money Management is an independent firm specializing in student loan repayment and industry-specific financial planning. We have spent our careers learning the world of personal finance inside and out and are here to help a new generation plan for their future and the future of their growing families. Our focus is on helping individuals manage and optimize key milestone events in their lives for overall financial health. We also help corporations build the framework on efficient student loan programs for their employees, with a goal of optimizing employee success and company productivity. 


The firm was named after my grandparents, who helped pave my way to an affordable college education. With their generosity, I would be saddled with the same student debt issue many young professionals are facing today. My grandparents' lifetime of generosity has inspired and shaped this organization, and, hoping to follow in their footsteps, I am working to make the cost of higher learning easier to manage. So that their legacy is always remembered, Mellen Money Management pledges to donate 2% of company profits towards funding research to make higher learning more affordable for future generations.

company mission

Beyond providing comprehensive financial planning services, our mission is to help professionals who are struggling to solve the problem we call the "Game of Loans." Student loans, that is. Once the root of the problem is solved, other financial needs like buying a house or saving for retirement can be managed with a greater sense of confidence, allowing our clients to take control and start living a more financially independent life. 


A fee-only fiduciary is held to a higher standard of putting our client's best interests first. What this means is Mellen Money Management does not "sell" a product to generate a commission or hit a monthly quota.  In addition, any conflicts of interest must be disclosed.  The fee you pay is just that, a transparent way of doing business.  In other words, our clients have a trusted advisor they can rely upon to do the right thing. Furthermore, prospective clients can rest assured in knowing they get the opportunity to receive an objective second opinion.


Student loan planning is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we do for our clients. We pride ourselves in our ability to help manage all facets of your financial plan. More specifically, we focus on helping our clients with the following:





We take a comprehensive look at your financial path and determine where we can best add value. At the end of the day, our goal is to increase your bottom line net worth.